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Premium Hawaiian Sling for spearfishing. Our Hawaiian Sling comes pre-tied with rubber and a shaft holder for easy loading. Attached to a tactical grip for stability and precision.

  • Black sling
  • Tactical grip
  • 7" length with 1.25" diameter for easy gripping
  • 1/2" outer diameter tubing with 1/4" inner diameter
  • Can accommodate shafts up to 3/8" in diameter

*Spear shaft sold separately 



What is a Hawaiian Sling?

The Hawaiian sling is a thick tube with an elastic loop at one end. Fishers insert a spear through the hollow middle of the sling and then draw it back using the elastic loop. The tube (otherwise known as the "shooter") serves as both a handle and a launchpad for the spear. Most elastic loops on Hawaiian slings feature a holder that keeps the shaft of the spear in place as fishers prepare to shoot. As fishers pull back on the spear and stretch the loop, they get ready for a powerful strike forward. 

How does a Hawaiian Sling work?

Powered by simple arm movement and the laws of basic physics alone, the Hawaiian sling operates on principles that are like those of an archer's bow. While the archer stores energy in the bow when he pulls back the string, the fisherman with a Hawaiian sling stores energy in an attached segment of elastic tubing. The results of this stored energy, however, are virtually the same: the shooting of a projectile with a long spear shaft and a sharpened spear tip.

Why should you include a Hawaiian Sling in your Spearfishing Gear?

Many enjoy the increased sporting challenge and extraordinary primitive simplicity that Hawaiian sling fishing offers. The I'A Hawaiian Sling is a great spearfishing tool especially for newcomers because of its safety benefits due to its lack of moving parts that won't unexpectedly 'go off' like a spear gun may.

Even experienced fishers in spear gun-friendly waters often choose to take a Hawaiian sling on their underwater excursions. It makes a great supplementary device to pull out when spear gun use is unwarranted or a spear gun suddenly malfunctions.

Another powerful draw of the Hawaiian sling is its global regulatory acceptance. In efforts to limit catch numbers, many prominent fishing destinations do not allow any type of spearfishing equipment with a trigger. In fact, the use of spear guns is illegal in countries such as the Bahamas and the Netherlands as well as island territories such as Okinawa, Japan.