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I'A Hawaiian Sling

I'A Hawaiian Sling

The I'A Hawaiian Sling was developed in Maui, Hawaii as a better quality and better value alternative to marked up dive shop products. Our premium Hawaiian Sling comes pre-tied with rubber and a shaft holder for easy loading and is attached to a tactical grip for stability and precision.

Powerful Draw
Great for Travel
Durable & Safe
Speed, Range, & Accuracy

Speed, Range, & Accuracy

For divers who want a challenge, your options are Hawaiian Sling or pole spear. The sling is easier to swim with, faster to reload, and has significant range and power advantages over the pole spear. With the I'A Hawaiian Sling, you can also easily maneuver around caves and other hiding places where your target fish may be.

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Safe Spearfishing

Safe Spearfishing

Long gone are the days of worrying about your spear gun going off, or getting entangled in shooting lines. The I'A Hawaiian Sling offers you a safe, hassle-free alternative, while also being great for shallow water zones where spear guns are not permitted. (like the Bahamas)

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Highly Recommend

Have used a few different slings over the years, and the I’A sling is great. Feels awesome in your hand and has great power. Cant wait to use it again next week in the Bahamas to put some groupers and snappers in the cooler.

Alex R. - Verified Purchase

Great Value

Not much of a pole spear guy and have gone through alot of slings. The I'A shipped fast and worked great so I went ahead and got a couple more for backup.

Luigi P. - Verified Purchase

I'A Hawaiian Sling Features

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Spear Holder

Holds spears up to 8mm in diameter. 6mm diameter recommended.

Rubber Band Sling

High grade rubber tested to withstand extreme salt exposure without degradation.

Open Band Guide

This sling was designed with openings in the side of the band guide. This makes it easier to replace bands or make modifications long term.

Textured Grip

The textured grip allows you to hold this tighter than your Johnson.

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