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Fishing in San Salvador, Bahamas

Fishing in San Salvador, Bahamas

Apr 13, 2023

Margaret Adams

San Salvador is a small island in the southeastern part of the Bahamas, about 360 miles (580 km) southeast of Nassau.  San Salvador is situated on a deep oceanic shelf, which means that the waters surrounding the island are home to some of the biggest and most sought-after game fish in the world. The island's location also means that it benefits from both Atlantic and Caribbean currents, which contributes to the abundance of fish in the area, making it a great spot to target on a fishing trip.

map of the Bahamas, with San Salvador highlighted in yellow


Types of Fish you can catch in San Salvador 

San Salvador, Bahamas is a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts. The waters around the island are home to various fish species that attract anglers from all over the world. Tuna, including yellowfin, blackfin, and skipjack tuna, can be found in these waters. San Salvador is also known for its marlin fishing, with blue marlin, white marlin, and striped marlin all swimming in these seas. Wahoo, mahi-mahi (also known as dolphin fish), and several types of snapper, including yellowtail, mangrove, and mutton snapper, are also popular catches around San Salvador. Grouper, including black grouper, Nassau grouper, and red grouper, can be found in the area as well, making it an ideal spot for grouper fishing. Altogether, there is plenty of fishing opportunity in San Salvador.


Best Fishing Spots in San Salvador 

San Salvador, Bahamas is known for its abundant fishing opportunities, both inshore and offshore. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most popular fishing spots there!


  • Graham's Harbour: One of the best-known fishing spots on the island. It offers a variety of species including bonefish, snapper, and grouper.


  • French Bay: This is another popular spot for bonefishing. It also offers opportunities to catch barracuda, snapper, and jacks.


  • Pigeon Creek: Pigeon Creek is a shallow, protected area on the western side of San Salvador that is a popular spot for bonefishing.


  • Sandy Point: This is a popular spot for fishing off the beach. It offers opportunities to catch snapper, grouper, and jacks.


  • Grotto Beach: Grotto Beach is a secluded beach on the northern end of San Salvador that is a popular spot for surf fishing. It is known for its calm waters and scenic beauty.


  • Columbus Point: Columbus Point is a rocky outcropping on the southern end of San Salvador that is a popular spot for deep sea fishing. It is known for its large game fish, including marlin and tuna.


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Best Times of Year for Fishing in San Salvador

The best time of year to visit San Salvador, Bahamas for fishing largely depends on the type of fish you are targeting. Generally, the fishing season in San Salvador spans from late December through August, but the specific timing of peak fishing varies by species.

For example, the best time to catch blue marlin and white marlin in San Salvador is between April and June. Tuna, including yellowfin, blackfin, and skipjack tuna, are typically caught in San Salvador from January to May. Wahoo, on the other hand, are caught year-round, with peak season occurring from November to February.

Mahi-mahi can be caught in San Salvador waters from March to August, while barracuda are most commonly caught from March to May. Snapper and grouper are generally caught year-round, with the exception of the Nassau grouper, which is protected during spawning season from December to February.


Hotels in San Salvador Bahamas 

  1. Riding Rock Resort and Marina: This beachfront resort offers comfortable accommodations, including rooms and villas, with ocean views. The resort also offers amenities like a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and a full-service marina for boating and fishing excursions.


  1. Club Med Columbus Isle: This all-inclusive resort offers a luxurious vacation experience, with spacious rooms and suites, multiple restaurants and bars, a private beach, swimming pool, and various water sports and activities.


  1. Guanahani Beach Club: This boutique hotel offers an intimate and secluded vacation experience, with only 12 rooms and a private beach. The hotel also offers a restaurant and bar, swimming pool, and water sports equipment for guests to use.